This is the page where admins approve the chararts. You may not place it on a page until admins approve it. Thanks!!!

Male KittypetEdit

Sorry its on notebook, I couldn't find any white, and this is a mac, so I don't have paint. I'm not the best drawer, as you can see. If you approve, I can use my windows computer to use paint.


Male Kittypet

Male Kittypet

Don't say that! You are really good! Approved! Feel free to put it on any character page you'd like. There's a website called Sumo Paint that will work for chararts :D And pixar for the shading....

Theres a free app called Sketchbook. Try that, though it seems bad, i got use to it in about a week~ Rose, March 30, 2018

Fluffy Female Kittypet Edit

I kind of experimented here, i use a free app for drawing. Tell me about the features, but not if there is an open space or a dot of black. As i said, I'm limited to a single free app. i will fix the hind leg later ;P. Rose, March 30, 2018

Charart, Fluffy Female Kittypet

Female Kittypet, Fluffy. ~ROSE