There is a contest for charart. On this page, you can post you chararts to be judged and to be featured on the front page, or wherever on this site you would like.


  • The chararts should be approved to enter, if they are not, you have a slimmer chance of winning
  • There is a category for animals that do not have to be chararts
  • Please only enter one in each category
  • They don't have to be characters on this wiki, but they have to have a title/name
  • Please enter them with a caption saying "Username's Entry:Name of Picture"
  • If they are not approved, enter a caption saying "Username's NA Entry:Name of Picture"
  • The vote will be in a poll form, please only vote once for each category
  • Each contest will take two weeks to gather entries and votes
  • Please only add the photo and caption, don't edit the gallery type


Other Drawings:Edit