Horses of Starlight



Former Matriarchs:

Swoop Talon-Brwon mare with bright green eyes. Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Falling Rain - Dappled gray mare with dark blue eyes. Roleplayer: Moss

Lightning Strike - black stallion with creamy yellow zig-zags across his sides. Rped by: Silvah

Former Lieutenants:

Former Herbalists:

Former Soldiers: Waning Moon-Dark gray mare with electric blue eyes. Rper: Wolvesofthebeyond

Former Rookies

Star Flame - flaxen chestnut mare with walleye. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Former Dams:

Former Foals:

Falcon Flight-Black male with golden eyes. Roleplayer:Tigerfoot

Former Elders:



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