Every cat was asleep, after a rouge incident. Dawnheart walked out of the nursery, and snuck past the warrior's den. She was going to go Fishclaw, but first make a pit stop to a small pool to get a drink. After her drink, Dawnheart walked the direction of the Gathering. Fishclaw was already sitting out there, confused. "Where are the kits?" he asked. "Still sitting here," Dawnheart pointed at her stomach. They talked, did everything they normally do, and they went back to their clans. The clan had already gotten up, so she snuck back in the nursery and pretended to just wake up. "My, what a beautiful day today is!" she joked. The sky was cloudy, the ground was damp, and it was cold and windy. She walked a couple steps, but after a while, she felt a tug in her stomach. A push. She collapsed on the damp ground, making all her clanmates run to her.

Dawnheart woke up with the sounds of mewling. She looked at her newborn healthy kits. There was a gray tom with black stripes, an orange tom, a silver she-kit, like Fishclaw, and tom like herself. Dawnheart heard someone call, "What's their names?" from outside. She thought for a while. The gray tom would be Magmakit, the orange one Flamekit, the silver kit can be Sunkit, and the one like herself, Orangekit. She licked them one by one and fed them milk.

That night, Dawnheart said she needed water, so she would leave while some other cat took care of the kits. She went to Fishclaw. "I see you had your kits," he said, "or our kits." "What are you saying?" Dawnheart asked. "I'm saying, give me the kits." "Why should I?" Fishclaw sighed, "FrostClan needs more warriors." "I will never give the kits." "Then I will fight for them." Dawnheart hissed, "Kits need their mothers! They need milk!" "I am saying once they start eating hard food," Fishclaw replied, coolly. "Then we are no longer mates," Dawnheart hissed. "It is agreed," Fishclaw replied. Dawnheart noticed they were still in LavaClan territory, so she attacked. "Not so smart for a queen to fight while she has newborn kits to feed, Fishclaw said, and jumped out of the way. "I will leave, but I will come back for the kits." And with that, Fishclaw padded away.

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