Chapter 1Edit

The brown kittypet laid on the carpet floor, the warm fire soothed him. "Will, dinnertime!" he heard his twoleg's call. Will raced into the kitchen, the young girl named Shelby had a can of food waiting for him. "Yum" Will murmured as he gobbled up all of the food quickly. "Good kitty" Shelby murmured as she rubbed her hands across Will's scruff. Will purred very loudly. "Shelby, time for bed" the older twoleg's called. After she had washed, Shelby put on pajamas and laid in bed, Will curled up next to her and in moments they were both asleep.

Six Months Later...

Shelby and her parents continued to load large square boxes into the back of a large twoleg monster. Shelby walked over to Will with tears in her eyes and set down a food and water bowl, but they weren't Will's nromal bowls. "Goodbye, Will" Shelby murmured. Shelby ran over to her parents crying and got into the monster and they all drove away. Will realized they were not coming back. Will collapsed and fell asleep, dreaming of Shelby returning to him.

Sadly, Will knew that his dream would not come true and that he was alone.

Chapter 2Edit

Will stayed in the same spot for 3 days, slowly eating the food and lapping the water. Finally, when the food and water was gone, Will knew he had to leave.